Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gold Studded Nails

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been posting recently, everything has been a bit crazy.  I just thought I would quickly share with you what I've been wearing on my nails for the past week or so, and I am still wearing them as I type this actually.  They have held up so well, and I have really enjoyed wearing them!




I started with a base of two coats of a-England Lancelot, which is actually a dark burgundy (not black), even though it looks black the majority of the time.  I used two coats of Essie Hors d'oeuvres as my accent nail, which is a mix of silver glitter and gold shimmer, and seems to have a strange purple shimmer to it at certain angles.  I thought it was a bit boring as it was though, so I decided to sponge on China Glaze Mingle With Kringle with some plastic wrap, one of my favorite techniques, especially when I want something quick but still really beautiful to look at.  And finally, I finished the look with a bunch of gold studs!

Essie Hors d'oeuvres, a-England Lancelot, and China Glaze Mingle With Kringle



I hope you like them, and thank you for reading! :)


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  1. Such a beautiful look, I am really loving how you applied the gold- it looks amazing!!!

  2. I don't know why but I can never comment from my mobile on your site

    1. That’s so strange. It seems to work fine from my iPhone, but I’ll look into it!

  3. it's going wrong from my mobile too. Think it's the robot code.
    Love the polish, don't like studs very much.

    1. Thank you! I guess studs are not for everyone!
      I’ll have to see how I can fix the comment issue; thank you for letting me know! :)

  4. Kristin, it looks so gorgeous. I love the combination!!

  5. Wow, those are amazing!! <3 I have to copy ;D

  6. hermosasss... ahora recien escubro tu pagina waooo quede anonadada con tantas hermosuras q haces, dios te bendiga..


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