Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Glam Polish Cast a Spell Part II: The Magic Is Back! Collection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hello everyone!

I know I've totally stopped posting about the 31 Day Challenge here on the blog, but if you would like to catch up on all of those posts, you can view them on my Instagram or Facebook pages (if you haven't already seen them).

For today, I've got part of an amazing new fall collection (Cast a Spell Part II: The Magic Is Back!) by Glam Polish to show you all.  The collection consists of nine magical holographic glitter polishes (seriously, they are magical), and I've got five of them to show you.  They all dry to a slightly textured finish because of the amount of glitter in them, but I highly recommend applying a good glossy top coat because the holographic glitter really comes to life.  Each one has a fantastic formula, and the colors are just stunning.


Banished, is a crimson red holographic polish packed with bright red holographic glitter.  I love this kind of deep red, especially for fall, and the bright red glitter really glows from the base.  The combination is perfect together.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



Cauldron, is a teal holographic polish, packed with teal holographic glitter.  It leans a bit more green in person than my camera captured.  The holographic glitter looks like it's floating in the base, and the holographic effect is strong.  It's just so pretty.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



Pentacle, is a charcoal holographic polish, packed with some crazy holographic glitter.  This is the sparkliest one of the five I was sent, and definitely my favorite.  I don't know if any camera could do this one justice, since it's totally insane in person!  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



Sorceress, is a berry pink holographic polish, packed with bright pink holographic glitter.  This one looks much brighter in the sun when the holographic effect is the strongest.  It's slightly more of a jelly than the others, but also has a perfect formula.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



Wicca, is a deep purple holographic polish, packed with purple holographic glitter.  This is another favorite for me.  It's the most gorgeous shade of purple, and the purple holographic glitter is so beautiful.  It had the best formula out of them all too, I would say.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



The Cast a Spell Part II Collection is available for pre-order now from for Australia & US customers, and the official release date is September 24th.  

For Canadian customers, the collection will be available through Harlow & Co.

Glam Polish is also available at the following retailers:

You can also follow Glam Polish on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for all updates and information.

I hope you all enjoyed the swatches.  Thank you for reading! :)


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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

31 Day Challenge 2014 - Day 2: Orange

Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Hi everyone!

For the orange theme yesterday, I decided to wear Chanel Mirabella.  It's one of the prettiest orange polishes I have, I would say!


Mirabella was part of the Summer 2014 collection, but it's warm and quite muted compared to others, so I feel like it would be just as nice for fall too.  That said, I am a huge orange fan all year anyways.  I could've easily gotten away with one coat, but I'm wearing two for the photos just incase.



I added a floral accent nail, using white (Cult Cosmetics El Porto), neon pink (Coco & Lulu Ma Belle), Julep Hayden, Ramona, and Parker, and a bit of purple purple (Nails Inc. Westminster).


Thank you for reading!  My yellow nails for day 3 will be up very soon. :)


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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

31 Day Challenge 2014 - Day 1: Red

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Hello everyone!

I have decided to try to attempt the 31 Day Challenge again this year (and try to actually complete it this time).  I'm hoping that it will keep me posting more on my blog, since I've been really slacking for a while now.  I think that it helps to have a theme for some inspiration as well.  Today was the first day, so I created some gradient rose nails for the red theme.  I created a quick photo tutorial as well, which you can view down below!



I won't go into too much detail since you can read the steps below, but I was definitely inspired by all of the Rouge Louboutin inspired mani's I've seen lately, with the gorgeous black and red gradient mimicking the bottle.  For my version, I decided it needed a bit of holo of course, so I went with piCture pOlish O'hara as my base.  I really love the simplicity and gothic quality about them.


Marc Jacobs Jezebel, Essie Trombone, Julep Hayden, piCture pOlish O'hara, a-England Lancelot, and Winstonia Store #00 brush



Here's the tutorial if you would like to recreate them:


1.  Apply one coat of red nail polish, or one with holographic shimmer as I have shown.

2.  Grab a sponge and paint a few layers of black, a deep burgundy red, and your base color directly onto the sponge.

3.  Sponge lightly onto the nail.  I had to do this a few times to deepen the black.

4.  Using a peach nail polish, begin the rose near the cuticle of the nail.  I like to start with a centre dot and a half circle sticking out from the side.  Make sure you leave some black area peeking through to give some depth to the rose.

5.  Paint similar petal shapes around the centre.  I like to make some squiggly and pointy edges to create a more realistic shape.

6.  Keep creating petals until the rose is the size you like.  If it helps, you can also see me create the same rose shape in a previous video I made here: Negative Space Rose Nails

7.  Using a red polish (similar to your base color), and a nail art brush, paint directly on top of the peach lines leaving a tiny space at the outer edge of each petal.

8.  Once you have all of the red filled in, wait a few minutes, then add your top coat.   Have fun!

Thank you all for reading!  If you're also doing the challenge, let me know, as I would love to follow along with your posts as well! :)


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