Friday, August 14, 2015

Ella+Mila Nail Polish from Color4Nails - Swatches & Review

Friday, August 14, 2015

Hello everyone!

I have a selection of some beautiful Ella+Mila polishes, which were sent to me by the lovely retailer Color4Nails to share with you all today!

I've never tried the brand Ella+Mila before, but it looks like they have a really great range of colors and finishes, and I was so impressed by the quality of the polishes, as well as the fact that they're 5-free.  

Hopefully you'll enjoy the swatches as much as I enjoyed swatching them. :)





Bags are Packed (from the ELITE Collection) is a vivid cobalt blue jelly.  This is surprisingly the least unique one of the bunch, but it's such a staple color in my collection, and it's done really well so I have no complaints!  The formula is really great; since it's a jelly, it appears more sheer in photos since I have longer nails, but in person it looks perfect at two coats.  It's extremely glossy as well, so I've shown it without top coat in the photo below. 

Ella + Mila Bags Are Packed - ELITE Collection

French Kiss (from the BonBon Collection) is a peach crelly with subtle silver shimmer.  Sadly, I only caught the shimmer in the bottle in my photos, but it is visible on the nails in person (in certain lighting), and a really nice addition to this color.  I love pretty peach shades like this, and the formula is nice and smooth.  I'm wearing two coats without top coat in the photo below.

Ella + Mila French Kiss - BonBon Collection

Lust in Love (from the Love Collection) is a sheer off-white crelly with a pearly white shimmer.  This is a really beautiful polish, especially if you like the look of a natural french manicure without any effort - plus the added shimmer is so nice.  I found it made my white tips look even whiter, and you can wear this at one, two, or three coats as it's not streaky at all (I actually really like it with just one coat).  I'm wearing two coats without top coat in the photo below.

Ella + Mila Lust in Love - Love Collection

Lilac Luster (from the Love Collection) is a pastel lilac creme.  This shade is to die for, and so is the formula.  It's the prettiest, palest lilac, and if you're careful you could probably apply this in one coat.  It's just lovely!  I'm wearing two coats without top coat in the photo below.

Ella + Mila Lilac Luster - Love Collection


I couldn't be happier with these four gorgeous polishes!  You can find these four and many more Ella+Mila polishes over at Color4Nails.  They retail for $10 each, and Color4Nails ships worldwide as well.

Have you tried Ella+Mila polish?  Which one is your favorite?

Thank you for reading! :)


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  1. French Kiss and Lust in Love are absolutely gorgeous on you!

  2. Wow....lovely polishes....Lilac Luster is very beautiful... <3

  3. French Kiss looks so beautiful on you!

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