Friday, August 15, 2014

ILNP Fall 2014 Collection Swatches & Review

Friday, August 15, 2014
Hello everyone!

Today, I have swatches of the new ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) Fall 2014 Collection to show you all.  The Fall Collection consists of 11 polishes; seven holographic polishes, and four multichromes.  They are available for preorder starting today at


Iconic, is a gold holographic polish, packed with gold flake shimmer.  I feel like it's quite hard to find the perfect gold holo; some tend to look too yellow or orange, and others just fall flat.  Iconic however, is a stunning, soft gold with a strong holographic effect, and the addition of gold flakes makes it super sparkly and beautiful in all lighting situations.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.



Natural lighting

Champagne Blush, is described as a rose gold holo, but it's not a typical rose gold.  I would actually say this is more of a rose colored holo, packed with gold flakes.  It's such a lovely, neutral, flattering shade, and the gold flakes really stand out from the pink base in natural lighting.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.


Natural lighting

Atomic Sherbet, is a peachy orange holo, packed with gold flakes.  I really love this one, and it's so unique in my collection.  It's not really a typical Fall color, but it's muted enough that it really works (it does look slightly more muted in person).  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.


Natural lighting

Fall Semester, is a deep teal holo with subtle blue flakes.  The color is so perfect, not too green or blue, and who doesn't love an amazing teal all year long?  The holographic effect is strong, much stronger than I was able to capture.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.


Natural lighting

Homecoming, is a deep eggplant purple holo, packed with gold flakes.  One of my favourites from the collection.  It is so luxurious, and perfect for Fall.  The holographic effect is strong, and the gold flakes really shine through.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.



Natural lighting

Black Orchid, is a deep burgundy holo, which leans more purple (love!).  Perfect for fall.  It has so much depth, and has a strong holographic effect.  Nothing more to say, but perfect.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.



Natural lighting

Mega (L), is an insanely holographic silver polish.  This is the linear version of the original Mega, which has slightly larger holographic particles than this version.  I don't have the original to compare, but I can tell that this one appears smoother and finer.  I am still wearing this one as I type this, and I can't keep my eyes off of my nails.  I used two coats for the photos, but it may require a third (thin) if you have longer nails.  The first photo was taken with flash, the other two were taken without flash.




Abundance, is a multichrome that is seriously fall in a bottle.  It shifts from a bronze / red, to a golden yellow, and green.  Exactly the colors that I would imagine, just from hearing the word Fall.  It is so flattering and luxurious, and has an amazing reflective finish.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.



Natural lighting

Bishop (H), is a gold to green multichrome with a holographic effect.  At extreme angles it may appear blue as well.  It has a shiny, reflective finish, and I'm a huge fan of olive green and gold, so I love this.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.




Natural lighting

Peace (H), is a multichrome, shifting blue, purple, pink, and copper, with a holographic effect.  This one is super bright and beautiful, and has a shiny reflective finish.  I used two coats for the photos, without top coat.



Taken with flash

Masquerade (H), is another holographic multichrome, and the shift in this one blows my mind.  It's crazy, shifting bright pink, violet, red, copper, and green, and it's definitely my favorite of the collection.  It has a reflective finish like the others, and I'm wearing two coats without top coat in the photos.


Taken with flash


Natural lighting

The ILNP Fall 2014 Collection is available for preorder now at  They have special prices for the duration of preorder, so take advantage of it if you love any of these as much as I do!  I was extremely impressed by all of them, and you'll most likely see a few in some nail art soon.

If you're not already, you can follow ILNP here:

I hope you all enjoyed the post, and thank you for reading! :)


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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Summer Pastel Floral Nails

Saturday, August 09, 2014
Hello everyone!

This post is going up at a pretty random time, but I'll explain the reason down below.  Anyways, I thought I would point a few things out first, one being that you may notice a change in appearance on the blog.  This past week, I've been completely re-designing it, and I've basically started from scratch doing all the coding myself.  It's not 100% complete, so you might notice a few more changes as the week goes on, but I'm pretty happy with the way it's going so far.  Let me know what you all think though!  Any ideas for a header??

Now onto what I'm really here to show you all today.  I created a new set of floral nails after seeing this really beautiful photo in my google searches.  It was a really lovely floral print in mostly pastels, but has several pops of brighter colors.  It has a sort of romantic, watercolor look to the photo with an amazing multicolored background, so that really spoke to me.  I just loved the combination so much, that I had to recreate them for the Nail Polish Canada Summer 2014 Nail Art Challenge.



Of course, the theme is "Summer", and for me, I just love to wear floral prints in the Spring and Summer, so I thought they would be perfect for the challenge.  I only have a few hours left to submit them, so that's why this post is going up this late!


I used several different polishes for the design, mostly pastels by Essie, including the gorgeous Urban Jungle as my base (pictured), and Fashion Underground, Under Where?, Blanc, and Tart Deco are in there somewhere too.  I might update with a full list later, but if you would like to know any specifics, don't be afraid to ask me in the comments below. :)


I hope you all love them!  And, if you would like to vote for me in the challenge, head over to the Nail Polish Canada page, and select "" from the list (you don't have to be signed up or anything).  I would really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for reading, if you made it this far, too! :)


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