Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Simple, Realistic Galaxy Nails + Tutorial, featuring JINsoon Obsidian

Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Hello everyone!

I've taken a little break from blogging lately, as you may have noticed, but I've still been posting quite often over on Instagram.  Last week, I posted an updated version of my galaxy nails, and they got a really great response.  I was so happy about how well they were received, because they are definitely the most simple, but also most realistic version I've created so far, I think!

When I created this version a few months ago, I also made a photo tutorial to share with all of you, so you can view it at the end of the post.


The one major difference between this version and my previous ones, is that I let my base do all the work.  I used two coats of the incredible JINsoon Obsidian, which is a black base filled with holographic flecks and bright purple shimmer.


In natural daylight (above) the purple shimmer is very visible, then, in the sun, or once you switch on some bright lights (or with flash, as shown below), the beautiful holographic shimmer sparkles.  It's amazing, but not totally in your face like some holos can be (although that is not a bad thing!).  I wore this on my nails for several days, before adding the galaxy on top, so there is the slightest tip wear in the photos.


To create the galaxy, I used the technique shown below in my tutorial.  Of course I am only showing one nail, but definitely try to have fun with different placement and colors to create the feel of movement on the nails.  I think that is the best way to create a more realistic design!

Now, onto the tutorial!
(click for full size)


1.  Gather your supplies and prep your nails with a base coat.  You will need a cosmetic sponge, a nail art brush (or dotting tool), a black or navy with holographic shimmer, two bright or neon colors, a white (I prefer a semi-sheer one), and a holographic silver polish (optional).

2. Paint one or two coats of your base color.  I used JINsoon Obsidian, which is this amazing black base filled with holographic flecks, and bright purple shimmer.  Zoya Storm could be a good alternative, or just a black creme with a holographic shimmer top coat (like inm Northern Lights) could be an option as well.

3. Sponge on a cobalt blue in a few spots on the nails.  I used Nails Inc. Baker Street, one of my favorite blue polishes.

4. Sponge on a neon pink overlapping some of the blue polish.  I used Coco & Lulu Ma Belle, an amazing fuchsia neon polish.

5. Lightly sponge on a bit of white polish over the other two colors.  I used CND Brilliant White.  I've realized, looking at a bunch of actual galaxy photos, that the white should be used more sparingly.  And, it almost gives a 3D effect to the other colors.

6. Lightly sponge on a silver holographic polish to the edges of the white polish.  I used Julep Rebel, which has a pretty subtle holographic effect.  This gives such a great sort of misty effect, and of course a little added sparkle.

7. With a nail art brush or dotting tool, add a few tiny white dots and "stars".  For the bigger stars, I always just create a + and then fill in the inner corners slightly.

8. Finish with a shiny or matte top coat, and enjoy! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below.  And, if you need any other tips for galaxy nails, or would rather watch a video, I have a few tutorials on YouTube here:

Thank you all for reading! :)


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