Wednesday, September 03, 2014

31 Day Challenge 2014 - Day 2: Orange

Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Hi everyone!

For the orange theme yesterday, I decided to wear Chanel Mirabella.  It's one of the prettiest orange polishes I have, I would say!


Mirabella was part of the Summer 2014 collection, but it's warm and quite muted compared to others, so I feel like it would be just as nice for fall too.  That said, I am a huge orange fan all year anyways.  I could've easily gotten away with one coat, but I'm wearing two for the photos just incase.



I added a floral accent nail, using white (Cult Cosmetics El Porto), neon pink (Coco & Lulu Ma Belle), Julep Hayden, Ramona, and Parker, and a bit of purple purple (Nails Inc. Westminster).


Thank you for reading!  My yellow nails for day 3 will be up very soon. :)


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