Sunday, November 16, 2014

Glam Polish Broadway Collection Swatches & Review

Sunday, November 16, 2014
Hi everyone!

The new Broadway Collection by Glam Polish was released this past week.  It consists of nine sparkling holographic shades, which were inspired by the glitz and glam of popular broadway musical hits.  I've got swatches of five out of the nine to share with you all today; they are super sparkly and beautiful, as I've come to expect from Glam Polish!

Photo 2014-11-15, 3 02 00 AM

Defying Gravity is a jewel toned burgundy holo with rose gold glass flecks.  Just so perfect.  It's one of those shades that is in between pink and purple (which I'm a massive fan of), with a strong holographic effect and a perfect formula.  The base slightly muted, but the glass flecks just shine through and it appears so vivid in person.  I'm wearing two coats plus top in the photos.  Love!


Don't Rain On My Parade is a deep blue holo with blue and gold glass flecks.  I abosolutely loved wearing this one as well.  The base kind of reminds me of denim, but extremely sparkly of course.  The glass flecks constantly shift between blue and gold so they almost appear a bright turquoise in person.  Such a gorgeous combination.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.



Somewhere That's Green
 is a green holographic jelly base with ultra holo microglitter and gold glass flecks.  It was so easy to apply because of the jelly base, and fully opaque in two coats.  It dries slightly textured because of the glitter, but a coat of top coat fixes this easily, and it's a must as it's stunning with a shiny top coat!


Fantasies Come True is a jewel toned purple holo with pink and blue glass flecks.  This one is absolutely stunning.  It's so vibrant and has a strong holographic effect.  The pink and blue flecks stand out so well and create an almost duochrome effect to the purple base.  The formula was perfect as well, nearly a one coater, but I'm wearing two in the photos.


You Can't Stop the Beat is a bright red holographic jelly base with ultra holo microglitter and gold glass flecks.  This is one of my favorites from the selection I was sent.  It's extremely bright and holographic, and the formula is perfect as well.  I wasn't as excited just from the bottle, but once it was on my nails I just couldn't take it off!  I'm wearing two coats plus top in the photos.


The Broadway Collection by Glam Polish is available now on the Glam Polish shop (for Australia and USA).  They retail for $12.95 each (or $104.99 for the 9 piece collection).

For Canadian customers, the collection will be available through Harlow & Co.

Glam Polish is also available at the following retailers:

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I hope you all enjoyed the swatches, and thank you for reading! :)


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  1. This is such a stunning collection!

    1. Totally agree. I was so excited while I was swatching them! :)

  2. These are all amazing! My favourites are Defying Gravity and You Can't Stop the Beat (that one reminds me of strawberries for some reason) but they are all just gorgeous!

    1. Those two are my favorites as well! I feel like I need to go get the rest since they look just as perfect! :)


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