Tuesday, August 04, 2015

#WNAC2015 - July / Gradients: Roundup

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Hi everyone!

This should've gone up a few days ago, sorry!  Regardless, this is my July Nail Art Roundup for the #WNAC2015 (Weekly Nail Art Challenge)!  The schedule for August (starting this Friday) is at the bottom of the post, if anyone is interested as well. :)

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For July, our overall theme was gradients, which was pretty fun.  Who doesn't love a good gradient? I may have skipped a prompt (don't judge me), but hopefully I'll make it up to you with my August nail art.

First up, we used the dry brush technique.  I don't really use this technique often, but it's so fun and simple to use, plus I always end up loving the sort of vintage inspired look it creates.  I decided to start with a simple gradient base featuring one of my favorites Essie Too Taboo.  I added a pastel pink and a clear polish so that it blended really well into my natural nail.  For the dry brushing, I thought a gold chrome would be a really beautiful compliment, and I loved how they turned out.  

Polishes used: Essie Too Taboo, Coco & Lulu Macaron, Bourjois 01 Transparent Glossy, and Essie Good As Gold.



Next up, we had animal print.  My mind was totally uninspired during this week, but as I usually do when I'm uninspired, I had a look through my unused polishes.  This peachy neon spoke to me, so I decided to create a white to peach gradient, then on top of the peach portion I added some tiny white leopard spots.  I still thought this was a bit too basic, so at the last minute I added a larger gold print on top in a triangular shape, and I was pretty happy with them as well.  

Polishes used: Essie Serial Shopper, CND Brilliant White, Essie Good As Gold.  Tools: 18/0 Spotter brush by Artist's Loft


Geometric was up next, which had me searching around Pinterest for prints and fun patterns to paint on my nails, of course.  I found this black, white, and cobalt print, however that's not what ended up on my nails, but it did lend me some nice inspiration for this random pattern that came about as I was painting some grids on my nails.  I wasn't quite happy with them, until I added the matte top coat, then I was in love.

Polishes used: China Glaze White On White, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Love & Beauty (Forever 21) Baby Blue, and The Body Shop Got the Blues.  Tools: 10/0 Liner and 18/0 Spotter brushes by Artist's Loft



Finally, I ended July with a negative space design.  This was an interesting one because of the gradient theme.  I also don't use tape and other tools very often, because it usually takes me longer to actually position and play around with the tape than it would if I just painted some lines by hand, crazy, I know!  So, in this case, I placed a bunch of tape and liquid latex-ed off some of the areas (and around my nails) as it was necessary for the gradient (I still went back in later and hand painted the white details, because that's just how I am, of course).

Polishes used: Color Club Eternal Beauty, Julep Ramona, China Glaze White On White, and a white Nubar Nail Art Polish.  Tools: Color4Nails Crystalline Nail Veil (liquid latex), and striping tape.


I hope you all enjoyed these four designs!  And hopefully this month will be even better, as the theme is Summer (which is pretty vague, so it basically means freestyle!).

My lovely co-hosts (Tracey & Cristine), and I came up with some nice color combos to play around with, so hopefully it'll make for some interesting nail art.

Here's the schedule!

(Click for full size)
#WNAC2015 August / Summer

Please feel free to join in with us.  There's even a special contest going on as well, as #WNAC2015 officially turns 1 in October!  Click the photo below for more details!

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Thank you for reading! :)


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  1. All gradients are very beautiful. And last two manis are amazing!

  2. So the last manicure you placed latex ON your nail? Did that still give you clean lines?

    1. Yes! It helps to place the striping tape as a guide though, and then latex off the sections; but if you're careful with the latex, you'll still get a clean line (if you don't want to use tape). You can actually see me do this in one of my previous videos as well (the purple reciprocal gradient nails), so it might help to view that one too. :)

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  4. Wow! So many fresh ideas! I like the second manicure and perhaps I will do notext it soon. Thank you for sharing.

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