Friday, June 14, 2013

China Glaze Chasing the Sun Ombre Set Swatches + Review

Friday, June 14, 2013
Hi everyone!

I passed on all of the recent ombre sets from China Glaze (the pink, purple, and turquoise ones), but I spotted one of the new sets called Chasing the Sun at Sally's recently and I knew it had to be mine.  They had another one (Wave Runner), but I had a few of the colors already, so even though I was tempted I just came home with this one:

White On White, Sun Worshiper, Pool Party, and Flying Dragon

I was so happy that I had none of these polishes in my collection, and I had been wanting them for quite some time now, so it was perfect.

White On White is a pretty decent white polish.  It's not my absolute favorite, but I used it for the base (as directed) and it worked just fine!  Sorry for my lack of cleanup; I used two coats, and I took a quick photo before I started with the gradient:

I thought the sponges that came in the set were just going to be like any other cosmetic sponges, but I was wrong.  They worked like a dream!  I only had to apply the polish to the sponge once (!) to do all five nails on my left hand.  When they were dry (which was extremely fast), I reapplied, then went over a couple spots that needed a touch up.  This was hands down the fastest gradient I've ever done, and if you're one who has trouble getting a smooth gradient, you might want to try this!

I'm very happy with how they turned out, and I ended up topping it with one of my favorites, inm's Northern Lights top coat.

I think these sets are fun, especially for summer, and it definitely takes the thinking out of finding coordinating colors in my collection.

Here's a little bonus video:

Let me know if you have tried any of these ombre sets, and what your thoughts are!  

Have a great day! :)



  1. I just bought and tried this set yesterday myself and love it. I didn't try the sponges; I thought they were weird so used my regular makeup sponges. I also stamped my ring fingers and thumbs with a palm trees in black, looked like a sunset on the beach :-) I also bought the wave runner set, but this time I'll try the sponges that come with the set, if they worked so well for you. Good job!

    1. Thank you! That sounds gorgeous with the stamping. I've got to try it some day! :)

  2. Okay so I've never done the gradient before, and honestly I'm not that good at painting my own nails. Is there a trick to getting it to turn out as nice as yours? And was your white nail polish "chunky" because mine was. I couldn't get it to go on smooth at all.

    1. My white polish was nice and smooth. You may want to add some thinner in yours (if you have some), or see if you can exchange it, because it definitely shouldn't be chunky. Try and work fast with white polishes if you can though. They can be very streaky and hard to apply, so it helps to use fewer passes with the brush. Your white base does not have to be perfect since you will be covering it anyways.

      As for the gradient, I like to paint all three colors on the sponge (shown in the third photo above), then sponge a light coat of the gradient on all of the nails. I usually wait for the first coat to dry for a little while, then I repeat the same process again. If needed, you can go over it a third time. When you are sponging, use a very light back and forth motion so that the colors blend together easier. I also like to apply top coat while the gradient is still semi-wet because it helps to blend the colors together. You might also want to put some tape around your cuticle before you start, because gradients can be pretty messy to clean up!

      I hope that helps you! Let me know how it goes. :)


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