Monday, September 30, 2013

Incoco Halloween 2013 Fright Night Collection: Spooktacular Nail Appliques Review

Monday, September 30, 2013

Incoco's Fright Night Collection for Halloween 2013 consists of four adorable Halloween designs.  Two of them are a gorgeous combination of orange and black glitter (Fright Night and After Dark), and the remaining two glow in the dark (Bone Rattling and Spooktacular)!  I was so excited opening this package, and I have taken quite a few photos, so I'm sure you will see why!

Bone Rattling, Spooktacular, After Dark, and Fright Night

They glow extremely bright!  I held them under a light for a few seconds before taking this photo, and that is all that was needed!

The first set I decided to try was Spooktacular.  The little ghosts have the most adorable smiley faces; so precious!  They were easy to apply (like previous Incoco appliqués I've tried), and the ghosts are also the perfect size so you get a good amount of them on each nail.

The Spooktacular design still looks amazing in its normal state, but of course, the glow just makes these appliqués incredible:

Incoco appliqués are so much fun, especially for special occasions, and this collection is indeed Spooktacular!  I cannot wait to try the other three designs.  I won't lie, I would probably wear these whether it is Halloween or not, but I will definitely be wearing another set on Halloween night!

The Fright Night Collection will be available on October 2nd at  Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués retail for $8.99.

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