Friday, November 08, 2013

F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2013 Collection - Swatches & Review

Friday, November 08, 2013

Today I have a really awesome Christmas collection to show you all from a brand called F.U.N Lacquer (or Fabulously Unique Nail Lacquer).  F.U.N Lacquer is a hand-made nail polish brand from Singapore.  The Christmas 2013 collection consists of six beautiful polishes; one holographic, three thermals, and two glitter toppers.  It's such a fun collection!

DECENTber is a red holographic polish.  I would say this a true red, which is quite rare for holos since they usually look pink.  It has a great formula; two coats was more than enough.  It doesn't have the strongest holo effect, but it's one of those that is much stronger in person than I could capture in my photos.

Wishing Star is a shimmery yellow thermal.  I'm not a huge fan of yellow so I thought I wouldn't like this one, but it turned out to be one of my favorites!  It's the most perfect sunshine yellow in it's cold state, and it's an icy pale yellow when it's warm.  I was surprised that the formula was not streaky or hard to apply at all, and I only used two coats for the photos.  The thermals in this collection dry to a matte finish, and I think the matte finish just enhances the beauty of Wishing Star.

Xmas 201"Tree" is a shimmery bright green thermal.  When it's warmed up, it transitions to an icy white with green shimmer, and it almost looks turquoise as it's transitioning; so gorgeous.  I love green, so this one was right up my alley.  It was also opaque in two coats, and once again it dried to a matte finish.

Icy Snow is a shimmery bright blue thermal.  It has a purple sheen to it that is just spectacular when the light hits at certain angles.  When it's warm, it turns an icy white with blue shimmer.  This one just glows, and it's definitely my favourite in this collection.  It needed only two coats to be opaque, and dried to a matte finish.  Icy Snow is the perfect name too!


You can see the bit of purple on my index in this photo!

Gold Mark is a holographic gold glitter topper.  There are a few sizes of gold holographic hexes, squares, and a really pretty gold flake shimmer in a clear base.  The glitter was so easy and smooth to apply, I used just one coat over Wishing Star for the photos below.

Winter Wonderland is a holographic silver glitter topper.  It's basically the silver version of Gold Mark, except it has a bit of iridescent glitter in the base which makes it really special and quite unique in my collection.  The formula was great on this one as well, I used one coat over Xmas 201"Tree" for the photos below.

I also added one coat of Gold Mark (ring & index) and Winter Wonderland (middle & pinky) on top of DECENTber for the photos below.  

You can really see the iridescent glitter in Winter Wonderland when it's matte as well.

The F.U.N Lacquer Christmas 2013 Collection is available for preorder now at, or you can purchase them individually starting November 11th ($13 US for full size, $7.50 US for minis).

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