Saturday, February 28, 2015

Polished by KPT Basic Series Thermals & Nail Care - Swatches & Review

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Hello everyone!

I have a new collection from Polished by KPT to share with you all today.  The Basic Series is a set of five thermal polishes in beautiful Spring colors.  They are all lovely creme-jelly formulas, so you can layer your own toppers or nail art on top for more versatile looks.  I absolutely love wearing thermals, so this is such a great concept!  I received some new nail care products (cuticle balm & oils) along with the collection, so I’ll be reviewing them at the end of this post too.


Roses for Juliet is a warm pink that transitions to a soft pink (almost white) as it warms up.  This is such a beautiful, flattering pink.  It’s girly, but quite muted, so it’s a really nice, classic shade.  I’m wearing two relatively thick coats in the photos, plus top coat.

Delilac is a pale violet that transitions a few different colors including blue & pink, and a soft white at it’s warmest state.  I was just mesmerized wearing this one, because there are so many transitions, and it’s so unique.  It’s so pretty!  I’m wearing two coats plus top coat in the photos.

Kiss Me Before Sunrise is a peachy orange that transitions to a pale peach as it warms up.  It’s such a pretty Spring / Summer shade, and so flattering on my warm skin tone.  The formula was great; I’m wearing two coats plus top coat in the photos.

Living On A Breeze is a cornflower blue that transitions to a soft white as it warms up.  This is the perfect mix of blue with a slight purple tone, and the transition to white is so gorgeous.  I absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to create some nail art to compliment it.  I’m wearing two coats plus top coat in the photos.

Spring Around Me is a medium mint green that transitions to a bright lime green as it warms up.  The prettiest green.  It's somewhere in between a turquoise and a grass green, and the bright lime it changes to as it warms is amazing.  I'm wearing two coats plus top coat in the photos.


Polished by KPT also has some new cuticle care products available, which are really great.  The list of ingredients is fantastic, and I'm kind of obsessed with everything that involves shea butter (and lavender scented!), so I was very happy to see that too.

The trio of cuticle oils come in a convenient pen / brush applicator, which makes it easy to apply the oil after finishing a manicure.  The three scents, lavender, lemongrass, and orange are gorgeous fresh scents, and the oils are light and absorb well into the skin.


The lavender cuticle balm comes in a really nice tin that slides open, and contains a lot of product inside.  I'm a huge fan of balm formulas because they're usually more moisturizing than an oil formula for me.  This balm is slightly more waxy than other balms I've tried, which allows the product to really absorb into the skin well and last, so you don't have to reapply as often.  I've been using it non-stop since receiving it, so it gets a big thumbs up from me.


A few of the Basic Series Thermals are sold out now, but they will be restocked March 1st on  Each polish retails for $12.00.  The cuticle care products are available now, and prices vary from $6.00 - $10.00 depending on the size.

I'll be posting some nail art featuring a few of the thermals soon, which I can't wait to show you all.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and thank you for reading! :)


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