Thursday, July 30, 2015

Color4Nails Cupcake Polish Exclusive Duo - Swatches & Review

Thursday, July 30, 2015
Hello everyone!

The retailer Color4Nails has very kindly provided me with their exclusive duo by Cupcake Polish, which is a brand I've never tried before (and now I'm wondering why!).

The exclusive duo consists of two beautifully bright linear holos with added holographic glitter, which makes them so magical to look at, and even more sparkly than your average holo!  What could be better, right?

Color4Nails Exclusive Cupcake Polish Duo

Araminta is a medium green linear holo (super strong!) with holographic glitter.  I can't even with this one.  The green base is so stunning, then the added holo glitter makes this truly spectacular!  The formula was smooth and shiny, a bit jelly-like in texture, and only required a thin top coat.  I'm wearing two coats plus top coat in the photos below.

Araminta - Color4Nails Exclusive Cupcake Polish Duo

Araminta - Color4Nails Exclusive Cupcake Polish Duo

Koralie is a bright, warm pink linear holo (with a strong coral tone), and holographic glitter.  Such a gorgeous pink!  The holo didn't photograph as strong for me since the color is lighter, however it is just as holo as Araminta in person.  The base is a bit different though, more of a creamy metallic, which could easily cover in one coat.  I don't think I have any holos in this unique shade of pink, and of course the added holo glitter really make this special as well.  I'm wearing two coats with top coat in the photo below.

Koralie - Color4Nails Exclusive Cupcake Polish Duo

Koralie - Color4Nails Exclusive Cupcake Polish Duo

The Cupcake Polish Exclusive Duo is available now through Color4Nails.  The duo retails for $25, or $13 for the individual shades, and international shipping is available. 

I must say, this duo is absolutely gorgeous, and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to try this new to me brand.  If you're a fan of linear holos (who isn't?!) plus holo glitter, you'll totally love these!

Thank you for reading! :)


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