Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Oui! - Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer Swatches & Review

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
I was extremely excited when I first heard about Marc Jacobs Beauty.  I have been a lover of everything Marc Jacobs for years now, so I've been waiting for months for the arrival.  The collection finally launched on August 9th at Sephora, and I was there the same day to purchase the Enamored Lacquers of course.

The first lacquer I will be showing you is Oui!, a stunning metallic magenta that just glows.  It is one of those halfway between pink and purple colors that I always seem to buy because I'm constantly searching for the perfect one, and I am pleased to say that this is it!

The formula is perfect in two coats, without any dragging or issues at all, and I couldn't believe how smooth it was to apply top coat over it.  I thought this polish might have some visible brushstrokes, but they are practically invisible in person (the camera picked them up in a few photos unfortunately).  I'm very impressed overall, but I knew Marc wouldn't let me down!

My first MJ Beauty haul:
Lash Lifter Gel Volume Mascara, and lacquers in Blue Velvet, Nirvana, Petra, and Oui!

You can see my reflection in the bottles, they are so beautiful and glossy!

I purchased the Enamored Lacquers at Sephora for $22 CAD each ($18 US).  I actually ended up going back for a few more lacquers, the Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation, and the Moisture Balm too.  If you want me to review any of those, let me know!  I just can't get enough of Marc Jacobs Beauty!

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  1. Oui! wants me to say it over and over again ;) It's an amazing color, it just glows on you! Blue Velvet and Petra look to die for! :D

    1. Thank you! I feel the same way. Petra is my favorite MJ out of the ones I've tried so far. :)


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