Monday, December 09, 2013

Festive Poinsettia Nails

Monday, December 09, 2013
Hi everyone!

I created these nails for the second week of the Nail Polish Canada Holiday 2013 Nail Art Challenge. The theme was "decorations".  I figured everyone else participating would go for Christmas trees or lights, so I decided to go a different route and I chose to paint some poinsettias.


My Nana (grandmother), always likes to have poinsettias around her house during the holidays, so that's where my inspiration came from.  I googled photos of poinsettias for reference, but in the end I just painted them on randomly around my nails since I didn't want them to be too symmetrical.




I used a bunch of different polishes for these nails, as usual.  My base is Elevation Polish Mont Blanc, a really pretty white with silver glass flecks and multicolored shimmer, and I added Cirque Trousseau to the tips for a bit of a glitter gradient.  The poinsettias are a combination of metallics and cremes, and I added a goldish-green glitter in the center of each flower.  The names of all the polishes used to create the flowers will be listed below.

Butter London British Racing Green, Butter London Knees Up, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Orly Green Apple, Color Club Mamba, Essie Blanc, Elevation Polish Mont Blanc, Cirque Trousseau, and China Glaze Prey Tell


Thank you for reading!


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  1. Hello, I arrived here from Beginning Blogger's Bootcamp and I visited your blog searching for some suggestion to improve it... in vane.
    Yes because your blog is really good and you are SO skilled and talented: I'm at loss for words!
    I really like the colour you choose because it is simple and also the font helps reading without problems... I also like how you arranged Labels and Blog Archive on the left and on the bottom of the page.
    Maybe... the only thing I can notice is that the blog title on the top is really simple... too simple in my opinion. Your nail art is so special that your blog deserve to have something more original, I think.
    Hope my words can be useful... btw, of course you have a new follower ^_^

    1. I just noticed that bloglovin button is not very visible (I was searching for it near the other media buttons)... I'm so proud I finally found a couple of suggestions! :-D

    2. Thank you Rebenice! I really appreciate the comments. I will try to come up with a new banner for the top because I totally agree, it's pretty boring, and I'll look into getting another bloglovin button, it seems to have changed to a smaller one for some reason! :)

  2. How on earth did you make this gorgeous nailart?!
    Just in time voted for you again


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