Sunday, December 29, 2013

JINsoon Nail Art - Featuring Epidote Swatches & Review

Sunday, December 29, 2013
Hello everyone!

JINsoon Epidote, is actually what I had on my nails for Christmas and the past few days now.  It’s such a “me” color.  I know it might sound strange, but I like to save my JINsoon and other "prized (polish) possessions” for special occasions, or when I know I can keep them on for several days at a time.  I want to be able to enjoy wearing them, rather than swatching and removing right after.  Do any of you do that?  Or am I the only weird one? :P



Epidote is described as a metallic green with a multidimensional, chameleon-like effect.  I agree with that description, but basically it looks like a blackened (super glowly), metallic green, with a vibrant green shimmer, and a rusty bronze duochrome most of the time.  This polish is just so beautifully strange and mysterious, and very hard to pinpoint an exact color because of the amazing duochrome it has.


The formula is really lovely like all of the other JINsoon polishes I’ve tried; while the first coat is quite sheer, two coats is perfect.  Plus, it's totally brushstroke free, which is sometimes difficult when it comes to a metallic shade like this one.  I don’t think greens are usually the most elegant looking on the nail, but this one definitely is.


I had a tiny bit of tip wear after a few days, so I decided to refresh Epidote since I did not want to remove it yet.  I ended up going for a full on JINsoon design, adding Mica (a gorgeous charcoal grey holographic creme), as well as Azurite (a navy blue jelly with a subtle holographic shimmer), both from the Fall 2013 Tibi Collection, along with Epidote.


JINsoon Mica, Epidote, and Azurite


I was inspired by all of the cool combinations that I had seen on Jin Soon’s Instagram when this collection first came out, so I added some asymmetrical tips and a chevron accent nail.  I really love how they turned out; simple and edgy.




JINsoon nail polish retails for $18 - $20, and this collection is available at and Sephora.  I have a small collection so far, but I think I’ll be adding some more JINsoon to it very soon!

Thank you all for reading! :)


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