Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Glam Polish Hairspray Collection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, January 07, 2015
Hi everyone!

The new Hairspray Collection by Glam Polish is launching today, and it is of course another gorgeous collection.  The limited edition collection, consists of a rainbow of holographic shades, and two amazing holo glitters.  Each one has something really unique about it - lots glass flecks & microglitters, with the fantastic formula I've come to expect from Glam, and they were inspired by the costumes and songs from the 2007 movie.

All of the info (and international shipping options) is listed at the bottom of the post, so let’s get started!

Photo 2015-01-04, 2 42 14 AM


Timeless to Me is a bright red holo with pink shimmer and peach glass flecks.  This is the absolute perfect shade of red, and it's super sparkly (in addition to the holo) because of the special shimmer and glass flecks.  Must, must have if you love a great red!  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.


New Girl In Town is a coral holo with rose and peach glass flecks.  Summer in a bottle - this one makes me so happy with the awful winter weather here in Canada.  It's so bright and fun, and the holo and glass flecks really shine.  My camera thought it was almost neon in some of my photos.  I'm wearing two perfect coats in the photos.


Big Blonde & Beautiful is a shimmery lemon yellow holo.  It's a really nice, neutral yellow with a warm shimmer to it that actually made it quite flattering in person (I'm not usually a yellow person).  It has an incredible formula, especially for yellow!  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.


Nicest Kids In Town is a grass green holo with shimmer and turquoise glass flecks.  Absolutely perfect shade of green, and it's super sparkly because of the glass flecks and shimmer, so it looks so pretty in all lighting situations.  The blue / turquoise glass flecks really shine in person.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.


Ladies Choice is an aqua holo with turquoise glass flecks and a strong pink shimmer.  Insanely gorgeous!  The aqua shade is too perfect, plus the pink shimmer is to die for.  This was also much more holo in person than I could capture, but I really wanted to show that pink shimmer.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.


Without Love is a fuchsia / purple holo with violet and rose glass flecks.  My favorite color ever.  It's that perfect balance of purple and pink, and so bright & gorgeous.  You can really see the different shimmer and flecks in person, and it was much more holo as well.  I'm wearing two perfect coats in the photos.


Hey Mama is a rose pink holo with a mix of pink and rainbow glass flecks.  Such a pretty, princess-y, cool toned pink.  The rainbow glass flecks really shine in this and make it so special.  It's so girly and fun, and has another perfect formula.  I'm wearing two coats in the photos.


Welcome to the 60's is a holographic base packed with gold ultra holo glitter and a mix of matte white and holographic pink microglitter.  I just can't even describe how pretty this one is.  The pink and white glitters are such a unique mix to this gorgeous gold, plus the formula blew my mind - two easy coats, and it's insanely holographic.  



Run and Tell That is a tinted holographic base packed with ultra holo silver glitter and a mix of black and white microglitter.  The base is reminiscent of one of my favorite Glam's, Pentacle, but the black and white glitter really make this one special.  It really is ultra holographic, and has another perfect formula, only requiring two coats.



This may just be my favorite Glam Polish collection so far, and it is limited edition, so I highly suggest checking them out.  There's pretty much nothing better than bright, gorgeous holos with perfect formulas, and ridiculously holographic (and unique) glitters!

The Hairspray Collection by Glam Polish launches today at 5pm EST if you're in the US (or Thursday January 8th at 8am in Australia) at

For Canadian's, the collection will be available soon through Harlow & Co.

For a list of international stockists, please visit this page:

And, you can follow Glam Polish on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest for future updates and information.

I hope you all enjoyed the post, and thank you for reading! :)


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  1. New Girl In Town & Without Love are my top picks! I love these sooo much. You did an amazing and outstanding job as usual capturing these!

    1. Thank you so much! They are my favorites too, though it's so hard to choose with this collection! :)

  2. Ungh... Love these so much! Especially Welcome to the 60s.

    1. I was so surprised when I put that one on, it's just stunning! :)

  3. This is SUCH a gorgeous collection! I want them all :)

    1. Indeed! They seem to keep getting better each time. :)


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