Thursday, April 02, 2015

#WNAC2015 - January, February, & March Roundup!

Thursday, April 02, 2015
Hi everyone!

This will be quite a lengthy post today, so I’ll try to save you from reading a lot and just overload you with lots of pretty nail art photos, since my blog is definitely lacking lately!

I’ve decided to just combine the past three months of our Weekly Nail Art Challenge (#WNAC2015) into this one post because I have the separate posts saved in my drafts, but now that they’ve past I figured I might as well just do a mega post.  Starting this Friday, I will be doing separate posts, though (finally, right?!).  There are also a few tutorials for the designs, so make sure you check them out if you’re interested. 

You can view our April challenge schedule (which starts tomorrow) at the bottom of the post if you’d like to join too! :)

#WNAC2015 January / Matte#WNAC2015 February / Contrast#WNAC2015 March / Holo


#WNAC2015 January / Matte

January was the month of matte nails, and also my birthday month, so it was a really great month in general!  I used the JINsoon Matte Maker top coat for each of these looks, in case you’re wondering. :)

We started out with flakies, because really, what’s better than matte flakies?  I used Julep Judi, a deep purple jelly, as my base, and the featured flakies were the gorgeous Neon Rosebud from the ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies Collection.  I recreated a version of one of my “famous” negative space nails on the accen too.  You can view a similar tutorial I have on YouTube here:

Gradient was up next, and I decided to go quite subtle and simple.  I was pretty happy with these nails and wore them for a while, and they’re now one of my most liked on my Instagram page too (crazy!).  Polishes used: Lacc 1995 (nude) & 2005 (white), FNUG Futuristica, and a Nubar white nail art polish.  View the tutorial below! (direct link here: Matte Nude & White Gradient Nail Art | Lacquerstyle)

Even though I’m not really a fan of a typical Dotticure, that’s what we decided to do for the third prompt.   Of course, I put my unique spin on it and transformed the dots into stripes.  These were fun to create, and the color scheme is so flattering.  Polishes used: Lacc 1992 (ballet pink) & 2005 (white), Essie Penny Talk, and Color Club Miss Bliss.

A galaxy mani is always a fun one to matte-ify, so of course we included one.  I’ve done several galaxies, and they always turn out different, but I decided to go quite unique with this one as well.  Polishes used: A England Crown of Thistles & Queen of Scots (from Harlow & Co), Orly Mirrorball, CND Brilliant White.



The final prompt in January was black & white.  These were just some sort of doodles I was playing around with at probably 2am the night before the post was supposed to go up.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t love them at first, but looking back on them I do now.  Funnily enough, they’re also one of my most liked on Instagram!  Polishes used: OPI Pure 18K White Gold & Silver top coat, A England Camelot, and black & white Nubar nail art polishes.


#WNAC2015 February / Contrast

I started with a contrasting Ruffian mani, using Rouge Louboutin and one of my favorite neon pinks Ma Belle by Coco & Lulu.  I’ve always loved the red & pink combo.
#WNAC2015 February / Contrast: Ruffian

I sort of skipped the V Day prompt, but I ended up creating these florals instead.  I’ll add the tutorial below if you missed it! (direct link:

For Stripes, I created some abstract stripes with a neon / nude theme.  I absolutely loved wearing them.  Polishes used: Flower Beauty Make My Daylily, China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, and Lacc 2005, hand painted with my 18/0 Script brush (Michael’s).


My co-creaters of the WNAC Missbellatracey, Simply Nailogical, and I decided to do another triplet design together for the final prompt of Februaryglitter placement.  We came up with a black & pink gradient glitter mani.  This took me a long time to complete because I picked out the individual glitters from existing polishes (crazy, I know!).  I used OPI Divine Swine & Glitter Be Good to Me, and Essie A Cut Above over A England Camelot.
Untitled Untitled


#WNAC2015 March / Holo

March was the month of holo, but really when isn’t holo appropriate?!  We started out with a blobbicure, which is a pretty trendy (and easy!) technique right now.  I went with a simple black and silver theme, featuring the new ILNP Mega (S), which is so gorgeous.

Next up, embellishment.  I kind of failed this one since I had a whole mani planned with more studs, but it didn’t work out sadly.  I ended up with this mix & match featuring Cirque Colors GaiaILNP Fame & ILNP Timeless Vow, all three are insanely gorgeous polishes.


I created my first ever reciprocal gradient with Missbellatracey for some twin nails in March as well.  We’re both pretty obsessed with the gorgeous A England Crown of Thistles, so we knew the design had to involve it, and we were both so happy with how they turned out.  You can check out Tracey's post on her new blog, and also watch how I created them below! (direct link:


Finally, we have monochromatic!  I used an array of blue holos for this design, over the beautiful ILNP Peri Me.  The three darker blues are all by Enchanted Polish, Water for Unicorns, Presto Magic, and January 2014.  

I’ve added a simple photo tutorial down below, but basically, I created the outlines with a white Nubar nail art polish, then filled in each surrounding section with the varying blues and my 18/0 Script brush from Michael’s

For April, our theme is Pastel!  I hope you all will join in with us and have fun creating some pretty Spring designs; I can’t wait to start mine, and see them all too!  Make sure you use the tag #WNAC2015 if you’re sharing them on your social medias so we can see them. :)

Here’s the schedule:
(Click to save the full size image, if you want to repost)
#WNAC2015 April / Pastel

P.S. I know this post is going up super late, so don’t worry if you can’t post tomorrow.  We have a full week in between posts, so there’s lots of time to catch up! :)

If you made it to the end of the longest post ever, I really hope you enjoyed it, and all of my crazy nail art!  I would love to know what you think, or if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!  Thank you so much for reading.  


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  1. Oh wow!! That was long, and pretty awesome! Beautiful work as always 💕😊

  2. There are some beautiful designs here, Kristen. I loved the pink dotticure and the blue monochrome designs particularly. The reciprocal gradient tutorial was awesome too! Lovely work. :)

  3. You're line work is amazing so delicate. I will be recreating the blue diamond look with a stamp because I can't draw a straight line to save my life! As always I will be giving you the credit. Hope I don't embarrass you though.

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